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The Cape Town Unlimited Site seeks to represent Cape Town’s Business interest to the local, SA, and overseas audiences.

Our goal is to offer our advertisers the very best that online advertising and hosting has for them – giving their businesses and services that competitive advantage they desire. We would like to see the site become the preferred site for Cape Town and surrounding areas’ online business community and visitors.

To advertise email Gary Scott, give him a call on 021 876 2442 or go to our Contact Us page for more details.
Our sales representative will be happy to help you find the level of advertising that is appropriate for you, take you through our simple registration process, and answer any questions you may have about advertising on this Cape Town Unlimited site.

We have the following advertising options available on Cape Town Unlimited:

Media Package (includes custom made Client Page, Block Ad and Thumbnail Link) -
R1,600 p.a.

A full customised Client Page dedicated to the establishment with pictures, text and links to the various pages of the establishment's own website. A full page includes a block ad in the directory which will link to the full page and a Thumbnail Image Link on the appropiate Section Page, linking to the client Page.

Mini Site ( as above with extra pages) - R1, 600 per annum, + R500 for every extra page (e.g.  5 pages = R3,600 per annum)

Block Ad with link – R850.00 p.a.
A block ad is a detailed listing in our directories with picture, text details as well as links to the establishments own website. This is our minimum offering for paid advertising. Establishments with more than one listing will pay half price for extra listings, for example: You offer accommodation, but would also like to be listed for conferences and or weddings.

Thumbnail image link 140X160px – R 850 p.a.
A shortcut link, such as those to the left in the sidebar which will link to the establishment's Block Ad. For those with Full Page Ads this link will bypass the block ad and go directly to the Full Page.

Single Banner Ad (popular pages only) - R1,500 p.a.
A shortcut link Banner Ad in the centre column of the page which will link to the establishment's Block Ad / Client Page / Own Web Site. Banners act as visual stimulants attracting visitors to your business, or service. 

For custom built sites which are highly designed and styled, which include java slideshows, image galleries, forms, etc do visit our Pixelhouse Portfolio and visit our portfolio of websites to see all the websites we have built for our clients.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you create the results you want!

Gary Scott