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Our first article is on Hair Care as a complimentry article to our Hair Salons and Hairdressers section.
Read our Hair Care Article Here.

Climbing Table Mountain
Sept 03, 2013 by Julie Staunton

"Although the mountain is just on the city’s doorstep, it is still a wild place of sheer cliffs and challenging climbs."

Mention Cape Town to anyone around the world and one image will come to mind: this magnificent flat-topped mountain often covered by its famous ‘tablecloth’ of clouds, which, when seen from the sea, seems to rise like an impenetrable wall beyond the Victoria and Albert waterfront. It’s hard to think of any other city that is so dominated by its landscape; yet Cape Town also surrounds the mountain, seeming to take it to itself and acknowledging it as the wild and beautiful heart of the city. It’s probably this view more than anything that stirs the imagination of travellers to South Africa and brings them to the cape.