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Are you missing out

So here is the question.

In this day and age of business competiton and easy access to information, why would you want to miss out on 280,000+ searches for businesses and services a year on Cape Town Unlimited?
And at such cheap advertising rates!
I can't see a single reason why you would not! but hey, thats just me, a businessman who understands the cost benefit ratio of advertising.

Well how much is a new client worth to you? How about 10 new clients? Or 20, 100 or even 500?

People who visit our site are looking for businesses like yours, to, well, do business with a company like yours.
If you are not listed, well then, they will not be doing any business with you, but they will be doing business with someone who is listed!

Google has proved that companies who get found on the internet, get the business. Our directories are highly ranked for local searches on Google and other search engines.

Therefore companies that are listed will certainly get the business resulting from searches landing on our site.

So, do you want the business? Then get LISTED!

Basic Listings.

FREE LISTINGS ON OUR SITE ARE GRADUALLY COMING TO AN END. We will keep some free listings, totally at our discretion, however they will only be listed between 6 to 8 weeks out of 52 a year.

Why not take our permanent Basic Listings. You get your business name and address along with email and web links and are listed for 365 days in the year.

At only R 450 for a whole years advertising.

Order your Basic Advertising!

Want something better? Check out our Block Ad Advertising Offering Below for more Cost Effective Advertising.

Directory Block Ads.

We offer Block Ads in our directories for a very low price. Block Ads sit at the top of our directories and have your logo, text description as well as all contact details, email and web links.

Having your logo gives excellent branding awareness and the text description gives substance to your products and services.
You also get a Sidebar Thumbnail Image Linking to your Block Ad on main Category Landing Pages.

Only R 1,050 for 12 Months

Order your Block Ad Advertising

Want our Ultimate Ad Package? Check out our Premium Client Page Advertising Offering Below for simply the best advertising options available.

Cape Town Unlimited Client Page Advertising.

Client Pages are our ultimate form of advertising on Cape Town Unlimited. Client Pages have multiple images, plenty of text, deep links into your own site.

You also get a Block Ad in the relevant Directory as well as 3 Sidebar Thumbnail Images on Main Category Pages, including one on the Suburban Section Home Page linking to your Client Page

Client Pages have a custom design based on your own branding and website and they are also mobile friendly web pages for optimal viewing on any device. Furthermore they are all indexed by Google and other search engines.

Only R 1,950 for 12 Months

Order your Client Page Advertising

Extras You Can Add to your Package

We of course offer many added extras should you wish to maximise your presence on the site. This way you can offer your services to a wider set of searchers on the site.

Extra Block Ads at R 450 each

You can place Block Ads in any other directory that is relevant to your business. Should your business be in the Northern Suburbs and you also service the Southern Suburbs, then you can take an extra Block Ad in the relevant directory there.

Extra Thumbnail Image Links at R 150 each

Scatter your Sidebar Thumbnail Image Links anywhere on the site for greater visibility.

Center Page Banners R 950 each

For even greater, more noticable visibility you can take Center Page Banners rather than Thumbnail Image Links.

Should you want some extras well just mention them in the email for whatever you are ordering.

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