Get Solar Geysers in Cape Town and the Western Cape from Progrow Solar

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Welcome to Progrow Solar.

In the South African environment, it is time to take power usage and resources in a serious light. With the ever growing need for more power and the insufficency of power resources, solar is the green way to go. This especially applies to your geyser, which is usually the first thing they ask you to switch off when the grid is under pressure. Increasingly people are looking to Solar for a complete power solution for their homes and businesses.

Here at Progrow Solar we focus on solar thermal (solar water heating) and solar photovoltaic (solar electricity) projects for both residential and light commercial clients within the Greater Cape Town area, the Winelands and indeed the whole Western Cape region.

So if you are looking to explore environmentally sustainable solar energy solutions here in Cape Town and the Western Cape, we at Progrow Solar have just the right solution for you to help with lowering high electricity costs.

Progrow Solar Solutions

Here in the Western Cape we can take advantage of a long summer, long days and plenty of strong sunshine which is ideal conditions for solar power.

Here at Progrow Solar in the Western Cape we offer State of the Art Solar Power Solutions.

Our solutions will:

  • Save you money monthly by reducing your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your dependance or even become independant form Eskom.
  • Give you a great investment that is good for the environment.
  • Requires a minimum of maintenance.


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