Cape Town Weddings, Wedding Venues and Services. Find all the info for weddings, bridal wear, caterers, florists in Cape Town.

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Wedding Services

Cape Town is indeed the ideal location for your wedding. There are so many stunning venues for weddings in Cape Town, whether in the city bowl under Table Mountain or in the winelands around Cape Town, along the Atlantic Seaboard or in the Southern suburbs, all make spectacular place for weddings.

Our Weddings Section caters for you when planning that very special day of your wedding. To help you find all that you need for your wedding we feature sections dealing with every aspect of your wedding.

Our special Wedding Categories are listed alphabetically in our weddings section, almost like a to do list of things to plan your wedding, so do browse through the pages of the categories below to find the best services for your special wedding day.

Bridal Beauty and Hair

Your wedding day will probably be the most wonderful day of your life. Brides at weddings always have a beautiful aura around them, as if the special day imbues them with a beauty from on high. Still, brides will go to great lengths look their very best when walking down the aisle to join their husbands to be. To beautify yourself you are going to need a professional in make up and hair styling

Bridal Beauty Services

Wedding Dresses & Bridal Wear

Wedding dresses are the one thing that distinguishes a bride from all the others. In fact most bridal gowns are a once in a lifetime dress and it completes the beauty of a bride creating an aura of innocence and purity.

Bridal Dresses & Wear

Wedding Caterers & Cakes

Catering for a wedding is a vital component of every wedding celebration Your guests at the wedding are important, being friends and family, and the reception is finale of the whole wedding. It is here that you celibrate the day's events with your guests around tables of good food and wine. Unless your wedding is a small informal affair, it is definately wise to leave the catering to professionals.

Wedding Caterers & Cakes

Wedding Decor & Flowers

A beautiful Bride deserves a beautifully decorated venue for the wedding, along with exquisite flowers to add that perfect touch. Flowers add natural beauty to any venue and of course there is the brides bouquet to consider. Wedding decorations and flowers are best left to professionals to arrange, but of couse the type of decor is must be yours to choose

Wedding Decor & Flowers

Wedding Venues

Cape Town, the beautiful city is just the place for your wedding. What more could a beautiful bride want then to get married in one of Cape Town's delightful wedding venues. And there is such a range of wedding venues, each with its own appeal, ambience, exquisite scenery and romantic atmosphere.

Wedding Venues